Sinfany Brandy 500ml 46.7%abv Limited Edition


Sinfany Brandy – A collaboration between Fannys Bay Distillery & Sinapius Vineyard

In memory of our great friend, and to continue to support Linda and her girls, we have bottled this limited edition, Brandy.  All profits made from the sale of the Brandy will be donated to Vaughn’s family.

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Sinfany Brandy – A collabaration between Fannys Bay Distillery & Sinapius Vineyard

About 20km down the road from Fannys Bay Distillery, sits a beautiful little vineyard and winery, called Sinapius.  Started in 2005 by a young Tasmanian couple, Vaughn Dell and Linda Morice, this uniquely planted vineyard, has always been built around producing high quality wine.  No shortcuts here.

Mathew was fortunate to meet Vaughn through friends of friends, and quickly a strong bond was made.  Regular catch ups to discuss all things whisky and wine occurred on many occasions.  In fact, it was Vaughn’s creative mind that helped with the establishment of the Fannys Bay brand name.  We’ve also been very fortunate to secure Pinot Noir barrels from Sinapius for many years now which we use to age our Whisky.

One day in 2016 Mathew and Vaughn were having one of their usual chinwags at Sinapius when Mathew spotted a small tank of wine, looking rather misplaced.  He enquired with Vaughn about the wine in which Vaughn replied, this didn’t make the Sinapius grade.  With his distiller’s hat on, Mathew quickly said to Vaughn, so what would happen if I distilled the wine in one of your barrels?  Vaughn replied, Brandy, that’s what would happen!

The distilled wine was put to cask on 18 December 2016 and since this time, has been gracefully ageing at Fannys Bay Distillery.  Sadly however, at just 39 years of age, Vaughn unexpectedly passed away on 19th May 2020.  Linda, along with their two daughters, Esme and Clementine, are now continuing to run the family wine business.

Approx 19 standard drinks

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