Fannys Bay Whisky Frame Gift Pack


Fannys Bay is Captured, Locked, and Loaded!

Geoffrey Cameron Marshall is a local object and furniture designer. He’s used reclaimed timber to handcraft this uniquely designed frame to showcase our product, specifically with Fannys Bay Whisky lovers in mind.

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Uniquely designed frame to showcase your whisky, specifically with Fannys Bay Whisky lovers in mind.  Frame and you choice of Fannys Bay whisky.

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Whisky choice

Bourbon Cask Aged Whisky 60v 500mls Barrel 25, Sherry 63v 500mls Barrel 66, Sherry 60v 500mls Barrel 68, Port 56v 500mls Barrel 85, Port 63.5v 500mls Barrel 92, Port 60v 500mls Barrel 65, Bourbon 61v 500mls Barrel 112, Pinot 58v 500mls Barrel 43


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