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                          Liquor Licence No: 81413

Our Tasmanian Whisky

Our current premium selection of whiskies at Fannys Bay, have been maturing in wooden barrels made from French oak, to give them their unique taste.

Our range of whisky is available for purchase online, through our website.

The Fannys Bay range of whiskies are described as a smooth mature full palate with a refreshing taste of our northern coastal waters. Our whisky is unfiltered as we believe the compounds (who others see as impurities) convey extra flavours, and provide an organic product.  Tasmania has some of the purest sea breezes, assisting us in creating the unique flavours with saliferous undertones, which our customers have come to expect from Fannys Bay Distillery.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact Irene Wicks (Client Service Consultant) on our contacts form.

Please note, these photographs are for DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. Please enjoy all alcohol sensibly.