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Situated in Tam O’Shanter, near Lulworth, on Tasmania’s northern windswept coastline. An artisan distillery owned by Mathew & Julie Cooper producing unique single malt whisky, matured in French oak 20 litre barrels for 24-30 months. Our whisky is natural in colour, and non-chill filtered and is enhanced by coastal influences.

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Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Fannys Bay Whisky Gift Pack

Looking for the perfect gift, our Tasmanian whisky packs are perfect.  Two 100ml gift bottles and one Fannys Bay Glencairn Glasses.

Pinot 61.7%abv Barrel 95

Pinot Aged Barrel 61.7%abv Whisky. Fresh fruit notes, cherries & cranberries, caramel, dark chocolate & nuts.. full flavour & delicious.

Sherry Gift Bottle 48.5%abv Barrel 102/3

Sherry Aged Barrel 48.5%abv Whisky 100ml Bottle. Dried fruits, cranberries, & plum pudding


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