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Fannys Bay Whisky

Situated in Tam O’Shanter, near Lulworth, on Tasmania’s northern windswept coastline. An artisan distillery owned by Mathew & Julie Cooper producing unique single malt whisky, matured in French oak 20 litre barrels for 24-30 months. Our whisky is natural in colour, and non-chill filtered and is enhanced by coastal influences.

ABV (alcohol by volume) “Bottle” strength is in the 40%-57%bottle range and our “Cask” strength ranges from 58%-66% cask range.       All our bottles are each individually signed by Julie.

We encourage our customers to form their own opinions when it comes to tasting notes, however, these are some of our observations: –

Colour:- Deeply Rich
Nose:-    Toffee Crunch mingled with stone-fruits, citrus & cinnamon overtones
Palate:-  Grandma’s Christmas pudding raisins & figs with soft salty notes
Finish:-   Viscous, Lingering & warm – addictive!
Enjoy it with Dark Salty Chocolate – yum

Fannys Bay Distillery

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“Taste & Talk” Session

Book an appointment for a “taste & talk” session with Mathew, listen to him share his love & passion for whisky and share his journey. Please call 0431 512 006 to ensure we are open.


Happy Customers


Allison and I had a fantastic time in Tassie for whisky week. We wanted to show our gratitude to Mathew and Julie for their hospitality in showing us around the distillery. I’ve already cracked my bourbon cask single malt that I bought and looking forward to trying many more.

Wes and Allison Harder


Best Distillery in Tassie
Friendly & passionate hosts.
Looking forward to the peated barrel 8 months later.

Chris. Boey. Martin. Jacky. Leung. Vincent (Hong Kong)

Our Testimonials

If you're ever passing by Fannys Bay Distillery in Tasmania's North-East, you'll be doing yourself a dis-service if you don't stop in for a visit.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours at Fannys Bay distillery this morning with the owners, Mathew, and Julie Cooper. Having travelled throughout Scotland and Ireland, I have to say that this is the favourite tour I have done to date. Yes, they are small-scale, but they were both incredibly generous with their time and Mathew offered up some amazing cask samples for me to try, as well as tasting through their full range. Luckily, I wasn’t driving.

Now onto the actual whisky! I’m not often the first person to praise Australian whisky but they are producing some really lovely whiskies.  My least favourite style is red wine casks but after trying their Shiraz (45%), Pinot (60%), Lightly Peated Shiraz (63.4%) and Peated Pinot (63%) my thinking is definitely starting to change. Mathew talked about the importance of sourcing great casks from a local winery who have a natural fermentation. Combined with Mathew’s quality new-make, the end result is a whisky that is flavourful, warming but not hot, and definitely not tannic. On top of these, the Bourbon, Sherry, Port, La Bitza (floc whisky) and 100% Wheat whisky were beautiful too.

If you’re ever passing by Fannys Bay Distillery in Tasmania’s North-East, you’ll be doing yourself a dis-service if you don’t stop in for a visit.

Cheers, Hayden

Mathew and Julie craft an exceptional Dram on the coast.

Mathew and Julie craft an exceptional Dram on the coast. The tour may take some folks just a few minutes, as one is only moving a few metres inside a modest sized shed, but for us it took over an hour. They are superb hosts both engaging and eager to share in the production process. I met them 2 years ago in Hobart at a tasting and was quite intrigued about his whisky crafting philosophy. And impressed with the quality of product. And we had many questions. Finally, the tasting notes: Portions are quite generous, and my favourite three of six trialled were also appreciated by my wife. We were not rushed through the tasting at all, and clearly Mathew and Julie appreciate folks who appreciate their hard-earned results. As I do not want to interfere with your tasting process or outcome, I won’t say which one my better half chose. But I will say that next time I will procure the “slightly peated Shiraz” which is a newer offering and quite compelling. In my experience the last two years, this is one of the best drams of the Tasmanian whisky distillery revolution. I have sampled 25-30 of the different distilleries here in Tas, and most highly recommend the tour and the Spirit. In Good Health!

 – Jonathon Schaeffer

Whiskyholic on Instagram

“Fannys Bay was to be our final distillery for this trip. Run by the lovely husband and wife duo Mathew & Julie Cooper. This was one unplanned visitation that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Situated on the windswept Northern Coast of Tasmania, Fannys Bay utilises the purest Tasmanian sea and rain water is their key ingredient. In 2014 distilling commenced and the first barrel was put down in November of that year. Today the distillery’s production is well under way with a selection of Bourbon, Port, Sherry & Pinot barrels lying in bond.

Like every other distillery we visited so far, the customer experience was top notch. We got to try an array of whiskies and also a taste of pure Tasmania sea/rain water (desalinated of course). Comparing to the local still water, it was punchier and had this kick to it. So much so I wanted to bottle one to take home!

The most impressive offering we had was the CS Port cask at 63%abv, I was expecting fire cracking mouth play but instead surprised by how mellow and wholesome the flavours were! Dare I say, it was the BEST Port cask I’ve tasted in recent memory. More content to come from this distillery. Thank you Mathew & Julie…

Keith & Gayle Cooper, Gold Coast

“A wonderful experience & whisky, thank you for sharing!

Bonnie Hibbs

“Wonderful set up. Matthew was an amazing host, loved learning from him.  Whisky is amazing!!

Leith Wastle

“Thank you Mat & Julie for a very interesting afternoon, and couple of great whiskies to try.

Scott Barnsley

“Mat is fantastic and the whiskies were amazing! Great stuff.  Will be back.

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